Damien Nikora

Image of Damien Nikora


Damien Nikora is one of New Zealand’s most coveted and respected creative photographers. Well revered for his unmistakable and prolific editorial and commercial campaigns, reflected in all of Damien’s work. 

With his appreciation and passion within the fashion industry, Damien had the opportunity to collaborate with local and international brands, taking him to all corners of the globe over the years. However, after watching the documentary "The True Cost, he realised things had to fundamentally change. He set to work with a plan on how he could contribute to this step change by raising awareness working towards a much more sustainable landscape in the fashion world, by educating people on how they can shop more consciously while still being able to express their individual style.

With a philosophy on a more sustainable livelihood for not only himself and his whanau; Damien’s true ethos of 'making a conscious difference' with all projects that he dives into -- is at the cornerstone of every project he takes on. Seeking out the most ethical and sustainable people and projects along the way, Damien applies his core values and transformative ethos to educate, engage and give back to the people, the land, the culture and the arts. 

With an impeccable lens across all of his portraiture, landscapes, environment and situational pieces, Damien’s work stands out as some of the most impressively captured moments in our time.